About TREO

carpet jobTreo General Services is a full service cleaning company with loads of experience and the most qualified technicians in the field. Our cleaning track record is spotless, our floor technicians will make your hard surfaces look like glass, and carpet cleaners bring soiled and unsightly flooring back to LIFE. Our goal is to provide each customer with a clean and safe environment. Treo cordially invites you to experience the difference between mediocre and great services. It excites that 75% of our customers contact us from a referral. 

Treo General Services was started 6 years ago. Frederick Hayes is the owner. Mr. Hayes does not run the typical carpet cleaning service is what most say. Fred as people call him, puts people before profits, because making each customer happy, is his true motivation for being in the business. This same commitment is mutual in those clients he so proudly serves.

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